MI is so fucking terrible and debilitating

And it’s weird because on it’s face it almost seems like depression and anxiety are opposite extremes when in reality they can be so tied up with each other

It’s like…I’m in a fucking constant state of terror and completely tense but at the same time I’m totally lethargic and miserable and can’t bring myself to do anything and it all feels so hopeless. But because of the anxiety I can’t even just shut off and sleep all day because I can’t even lie down with nothing but my thoughts without my heart starting to race.

ugh. horrible.


Shout out to the white anarchist who provided that proof that white anarchists are causing problems in Ferguson and for continuing to hold it down on the “only bring the type of solidarity the community wants” front, but fuck you to the white anarchists arguing with that and siding with the people starting shit with police on purpose when it’s not them who will face the consequences and when the community wants them to stop.


I have a running theory that Crimethinc is one of the most successful counterintelligence projects in American history. It, especially its book Days of War, Nights of Love, has inspired a generation of self-absorbed white anarchists who think that protests are about slogans and setting things on fire. It has informed this really absurd segment of anarchist thought that is itself dependent on the system it purports to be trying to dismantle. It doesn’t encourage people to come up with a plan for how a stateless society would function, or how to retrain society to function in a way that would be conducive to that, or anything. It encourages people to play insufferable folk punk and go dumpster diving.

So these 14-30 year old white anarchists think they’re doing something by smashing shit when the police are demonstrating the corruptness and brutality inherent in that institution and spending the rest of their time smoking weed and digging through trash for food instead of trying to do something, anything, that could possibly lead to real change. It’s such an effective way of making radical kids do nothing except occasionally make all radical movements look bad and provide PR opportunities for police who otherwise look like monsters that I can’t help but think it’s intentional. The modern anarchist movement is a scam and a lie.

Could you give me a (longish) list of anarchist books or things to read so that I could start from the most basic theory and work upwards?

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Anarchism 101:


Communist anarchism:

Green anarchism:

Individualist anarchism


Post-left anarchism:

Queer anarchism:

Christian anarchism:

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